Phu Rua Bloom Loei Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Phu Rua Bloom Loei

Phu Rua Bloom Loei Thailand Travel GuideLoei province in cooperation with the Tourism Authority of Thailand will host an event highlighting the flourishing plants of Phu Rua from May 9 to 12 on the grounds in front of the Phu Rua District Office. The event is a part of the Thailand Grand Festival theme in May which focuses on abundant agricultural products throughout Thailand. Loei has a wide range of farming products to offer, including those from the Highland Agriculture Station and vineyards, as well as colourful horticulture from the many fruit and vegetable orchards, such as orange, strawberry, grape, mushroom and corn. For more information, call Loei Tourism Co-operation Centre at 04-281-2812 or 04-281-1405 or contact the Phu Rua District office at 04-289-9004 or 04-289-9123.

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Rocket Festival Yasothon Thailand Travel Guide

Rocket Festival Yasothon Thailand Travel GuidePhaya Thaen Park in the northeastern province of Yasothon will draw a large crowd to see the Bun Bangfai Festival on May 10 through 12. Bangfai is a handmade rocket made by skilled people in Yasothon and nearby areas, available in all shapes and sizes during the festival. People create rockets and launch them in the annual ritual of the province, originally created to ask the God of Rain to send plenty of rainfall for the rice-harvesting season. As part of this three-day festival, beauty pageants and various forms of folk and cultural entertainment will be organised. This high-spirited country style is hard to find in other regions. For more information, contact TAT Northeastern Office Region 2 at 04-524-3770/1.

Chumphon Tour Chumphon Thailand Travel Guide

Chumphon Tour Chumphon Thailand Travel GuideThe Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand is holding an eco-trip to the southern rainforests of Pa Toh Forest Park in the Chumphon province. See beautiful and unspoiled nature while taking an adventure trip conquering mountain peaks, drifting along a river on a bamboo raft and staying with locals in their homes. The trip is scheduled on May 11 and 12 and from May 25 to 27. For more details, call 02-662-0898 or 02-261-9670.